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This is a question Putting the Fun in Funeral

Some deaths come suddenly or too soon and can really hit hard, others seem to be a blessed relief. Similarly, some funerals can be deeply upsetting and sad, others can make you want to hug the world.

Mmm, don't want to bring you down or anything, but tell us your funeral stories...

(, Thu 11 May 2006, 9:31)
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I remember a friends funeral a few years ago. He had died of cancer at the tender age of 23, and though we (his friends) had a few wakes for him (which were quite jolly and much the kind of occasion he would have appreciated), the funeral itself was a very grim affair. His parents were obviously devastated and doubly so as he had been an only child, while the vicar had clearly no idea who our friend had been and had cobbled together his words from a few anecdotes his mother had told him.

However one of these anecdotes did provide our group with some light relief. The vicar, hoping to show our friend as a lover of nature, told us a story of a time that his mum had come out into the garden to see him with his camera case on the grass. She had asked him what he was doing and he had told her he was photographing butterflies.

However we knew that he used hi camera case to keep his ganj in and she had obviously just caught him skinning up a fat one... we managed to restrain the giggles until later, but that story became a firm part of his legend! Lord love ya, B. mate!
(, Fri 12 May 2006, 14:53, Reply)

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