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This is a question Funerals II

It's been 7 years since we last asked for your funeral stories and what with Lady Voldemort's coming up, we thought we'd ask again.

The deeply upsetting, the sad and the ones that make you want to hug the world all have a place here on b3ta, tell us about them.

Thanks to Pig Bodine for the suggestion

(, Thu 11 Apr 2013, 14:20)
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When my aged parents moved to sheltered accommodation - a gorgeous flat in a prime location - Ma noticed that a house across the road was often on fire.
It came up in convo one day so I took a look, and concluded that it was the town crematorium chimney in the next street.

As Mother is computer-savvy, I showed her the local Funeral Diary online. She was spellbound: she could now look up, if she wished, the identity of whoever's smoke she saw drifting across the rooftops. And she does.

Not ghoulish at all.
(, Sat 13 Apr 2013, 0:17, 2 replies)
Please tell me I'm not the only one who looked my local crematorium?
However it seems only Crewe have their diary online.
(, Sun 14 Apr 2013, 15:33, closed)
Everyone should have one, it's great.
When a relative of my ex's died a few years back my daughter looked up the funeral in the Diary and sent me the link to remind me. She didn't know that on the same page was another ex's mother's funeral. What're the chances, eh! Eh!
(, Wed 17 Apr 2013, 15:24, closed)

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