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This is a question Getting Old

Drimble asks: When was it last brought home to you just how old you're getting? We last asked this in 2004, and you're eight years older now. Eight. Years.

(, Thu 7 Jun 2012, 13:24)
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When my nephew was about seven, on my arrival one visit, his first question was
"Uncle Vagabond, why did we bomb Dresden?"

Impressed with his learning history, I thought I would skip the First World War and subsequent economic and political discussion, and instead thought it best to simplify the matter.

"Well - Dresden was an industrial town, and made lots of things that the Germans could use to fight against us. We bombed them in order to stop them being able to have them."

He looked me up and down, and with shock and anger in his young voice told me "YOU'RE NO FUN ANY MORE!", and ran off.
(, Tue 12 Jun 2012, 16:56, 16 replies)
The correct
answer was;

Germany needed more car parking.
(, Tue 12 Jun 2012, 17:16, closed)
The correct answer is
'because it was well LOL'
(, Tue 12 Jun 2012, 17:30, closed)
I didn't have you down as a historian, Monts.

(, Tue 12 Jun 2012, 17:33, closed)
Well I am a fucking enigma innit.

(, Tue 12 Jun 2012, 17:54, closed)
Well - it was a bit. But not Auschwitz funny.
(, Tue 12 Jun 2012, 17:59, closed)
Yes it fucking was.
Not as funny as the Hamburg firestorm, or all those raped kraut bitches, but still.
(, Wed 13 Jun 2012, 7:35, closed)
Damn right.
(, Wed 13 Jun 2012, 7:34, closed)
A book I read that was a work of fiction
had a character whose opinion of that was 'Churchill just wanted to show what you could do with a fleet of bombers'.

Obviously we wanted to halt their china production or summat, so the 3rd Reich couldn't have a civilised cup of tea. TAKE THAT FRITZ.
(, Tue 12 Jun 2012, 18:58, closed)
Air marshal Harris was more about showcasing bombers than churchill
Plus although Dresden didn't have the same importance when it came to munitions/military stuff it was an important railway link vital in getting supplies to the Russian front.
(, Tue 12 Jun 2012, 21:38, closed)
They had a ball bearing factory actually.
A quick check will reveal that a surprisingly large part of WW2 era war machines needed ball bearings to work properly.
Also, fuck the whinging kraut cunts and their Quisling apologogists, going on about poor fucking Dresden all the time. If they can't take a joke they shouldn't have started it with Coventry.
(, Wed 13 Jun 2012, 7:34, closed)
From my (insufficiently short) experience of Coventry
I'll happily say that the Germans had the right idea.

(, Wed 13 Jun 2012, 14:12, closed)
Oooooh, If Blue Star was still here you'd be hearing the pitter-patter of tiny angry feet right about now.
And the next thing you'd be hearing would be her hospital radio show.
(, Wed 13 Jun 2012, 14:29, closed)
A book I read that was a work of fiction
was about these fucking hobbits and some gay ring or something. It was shit.
(, Wed 13 Jun 2012, 8:59, closed)
War is hell,
and the sooner you pound them what started it into submission, the better.
(, Tue 12 Jun 2012, 23:53, closed)
hope you
You told him where his baby teeth are.
(, Wed 13 Jun 2012, 0:06, closed)
Da war Großbritannien im Krieg mit Deutschland zu der Zeit,
warum fragst du Kind?
(, Wed 13 Jun 2012, 7:56, closed)

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