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This is a question My computer gave away my secrets

A good friend recently found out his girlfriend was pregnant when google autocomplete came up with 'symptoms of pregnancy'...

Has your googling been your undoing? Has someone found your gay porn stash? Have you had a Gary Glitter moment in PC World? Tell us how your computer has ratted on you.

(, Fri 10 Feb 2006, 10:58)
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Long Long time ago I used to be sysadmin for a company in London
where we used a program called mailsweeper to scan incoming email for dubious words. If an email contained an offending word, then it would get forwarded to the netadmin (me). Including of course ALL of the directors mails.

Part of my job was to analyse the mails, and forward them on to the recipient with a note saying "Can you ask so and so not to swear or refer to black people as n***ers when they send you an email. Ta."

The more serious ones would be cc'd to a director and it was upto them if they took any action.

Imagine then, my dilemma when the system catches an email from a female ex employee, to the married managing director saying something along the lines of:
"Great meeting up with you last night, my hole is still sore from where you fucked it so good baby" etc.

So rather than forward it on with a "Careful now" message I invited the rest of the company to come and read it on my PC instead.

Incidentally the list of stop words used by mailsweeper then was just the funniest list of swear words and racist terms ever. "Porch Monkey" anyone?
(, Fri 10 Feb 2006, 13:26, Reply)

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