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This is a question The passive-aggressive guilt trip

My mother is an expert in the guilt-trip. Last week she phoned to say "Happy Birthday" and, after a 10 minute conversation, finished with, "Well, I hope you have a nicer time than I did on the day you were born."

She also stated that she was going to kill herself when she reached 65. On Christmas Day morning. Having rung up to see if there was anything she could bring for lunch.

I think it's just a mother thing, but how good are your relatives and friends at the passive-aggessive?

(, Thu 13 Oct 2005, 9:52)
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Once again, Mothers Are Best
My beloved Ma:

Blamed me for my Dad leaving her (after a 7 year separation FFS), once accused me of abusing my girlfriends based on the appalling way I treated her (I had objected to being reviled), told my sister that she was the unwanted result of my Dad raping her, continually questions why we're so much worse than all her friends' children and regularly manages to offend all three of her kids on a pretty regular basis whenever we visit. Wonder why Dad left...

When we try to explain what the problem is, she denies all knowledge - largely because she's
a) usually drunk, and
b) in complete denial

It's not funny, big or clever, but weirdly, I feel better for having mentioned it :-)

I see her about once every three months. For about an hour. And then I run away.
(, Fri 14 Oct 2005, 16:03, Reply)

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