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This is a question The passive-aggressive guilt trip

My mother is an expert in the guilt-trip. Last week she phoned to say "Happy Birthday" and, after a 10 minute conversation, finished with, "Well, I hope you have a nicer time than I did on the day you were born."

She also stated that she was going to kill herself when she reached 65. On Christmas Day morning. Having rung up to see if there was anything she could bring for lunch.

I think it's just a mother thing, but how good are your relatives and friends at the passive-aggessive?

(, Thu 13 Oct 2005, 9:52)
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Here we go again...
I was 18 just this week and I'm having a big party for it tomorrow. I was just this minute reading these replies when my mum walks in. Here is a perfect example of the passive-aggressive vs the passive-aggressive

Me: 'Hey mum on saturday night I'm going out into town after my party finishes with my friends'
My Mum: 'But it'll be nighttime, everywhere will be closed'
Me: '...um the pubs and clubs wont'
My mum: 'Oh I don't like you going out wandering the streets at night'
Me: 'Ok well then I guess I'll just go home on my own and go to bed then'
My mum: 'Well if that's what you really want to do but I didn't think you were like that..'

...and so it goes on
(, Fri 14 Oct 2005, 17:05, Reply)

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