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This is a question Guilty Laughs

Are you the kind of person who laughs when they see a cat getting run over? Tell us about the times your sense of humour has gone beyond taste and decency.

Suggested by SnowyTheRabbit

(, Thu 22 Jul 2010, 15:19)
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"Cleanup required..."
quick rp

About 2-3 years back in the office I was stuck on a premium rate call next to a work colleague as this woman walks past our desk, suddenly stands perfectly straight then topples face first like a domino, splatting across the floor.

After a few awkward seconds we peer over to her and she's got herself back up and was brushing herself off.

"Trapped a nerve in my back, stops my legs from working," she said, noticing that by law we wasn't allowed to move from the phones for anything short of life-ending reasons (thanks ICSTIS).
"Last night it happened to me in Tescos", and with that she walked off to the other side of the building.

I turn around with a big grin on me face, and just as me colleague is about to take a call I shout through cupped hands "SPILLAGE ON AISLE 4, WE HAVE A SPILLAGE ON AISLE 4"

Still can't look at her now without stifling a laugh :D
(, Thu 22 Jul 2010, 15:55, Reply)

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