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This is a question My most gullible moment

Someone once told me that gullible wasn't in the dictionary and I went, "yeah yeah ha ha" but when they were gone that didn't stop me checking. What was YOUR most gullible moment? Zero points for buying an icon on b3ta.

(, Thu 21 Aug 2008, 18:33)
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i have a story!
but i'm eating my dinner so i'll post it in a bit.


what, you don't believe me?! watch this space.

Ta Dah!

Here's my story.

Junior School. Standard Three, as it was then, before it was called Year, um, Five? The one before the one before I left Primary School to go to Secondary School, anyway. So I was nine.

It was a lovely sunny day, I had a desk which over looked the playground, and things were lovely in ancrenne land. Daydreams had carried me away to places far beyond Welsh village life, parental discord, and schoolgirl squabbling. Even crushes on rugby players were forgotten. With my work for the lesson done, I sat, musing on the view (tarmac frilled with long grass, dropping down to a tiny valley of flowers) and idly chewing the end of my blue pen.

Suddenly, reality brought me back to the room, and I found my mouth rather…fuller… than it had been previously. A panicky child, I swallowed, and lifted my hand to my mouth to see what was going on. I’m no royal, so when my hand came away blue, it was obvious what had happened – I’d managed transfer the contents of my blue pen to my now blue mouth.

Panic rising, I turned to the boy next to me, an older and therefore wiser boy* to ask for his advice. His response floored me. He calmly, and quietly, told me that I was going to die.

There was absolutely no doubt at all in my mind that he was telling me the truth. Why would he lie? I’m pathologically honest, was then too, so I just wasn’t expecting anyone else not to be**. Ice cold fear made way for my innate practical nature. I had made no will. Who would make sure my cuddly toys were buried with me? Who would ensure I was buried not burned? Who would keep *my* Lego away from my kid brother? I hadn’t told anyone which my favourite clothes were, or that even though I was forever covered in mud, I actually quite liked wearing dresses sometimes. I’d be buried, in jeans and a rugby shirt, without my cuddly toys

At this point, fripperies such as school rules became unimportant. The only important thing was to get home, and hold my cuddly toys and a dress and hope someone would understand. Hoping I would get there before I died, frothing and convulsing, I got up to leave, and let go of the tears that had been held back. It didn’t matter that people were staring, or that I was crying in front of them. I wouldn’t be alive long enough to care.

Unfortunately, ink is not, in fact, fatal, and I really was alive long enough to care. 23 years later, I still care and can feel the blush rise even as I write this. My kindly teacher assured me I would live, sent me on my way to wash out my mouth, and lambasted the git next to me as I went through the door. So, most gullible moment - believing I’d die of ink poisoning swiftly followed by a very embarrassing moment – having to walk back into the class, knowing that 34 other children, cruel laughing, pointing, sniggering children, now knew that I’d been tricked***.


*Nope, just a cunt.
**I no longer have the same expectations of others.
***I just bit a pen. you'd think I'd learn. Christ, I hate the taste of ink.

(, Thu 21 Aug 2008, 18:56, 6 replies)
I feel your pain

Having an older brother kind of immunised me from public displays of stupidity, but in the privacy of our own home ....
(, Thu 21 Aug 2008, 19:45, closed)
Been there...
I was probably a similar age, with a friend, on the computer, idly chewing on an ink cartridge. Should have seen it coming, but it wasn't long before I had a case of the Blue Mouth Disease.

I ran downstairs to my parents CRYING MY EYES OUT because I thought I was about to die. my friend just laughed and carried on playing Sonic 2.

I think I'd still panic today, though, if I got a mouthful of ink. I'm as naive and gullible as ever.
(, Fri 22 Aug 2008, 8:49, closed)
and *click*
(, Fri 22 Aug 2008, 10:35, closed)
Kind of like the whole Lead poisoning thing too
During primary school.
Some twunt threw a pencil across the room which hit me in the eye and I got abit of penicl stuck in my eye. A girl said I would die from lead poisoning.
I informed her it was carbon and not lead so I wasn't going to die.

The end.
(, Fri 22 Aug 2008, 13:22, closed)
*clicky hugs*
(, Tue 26 Aug 2008, 15:03, closed)
thanks for the hugs peoples - much appreciated!

If I ever find that boy now I'm a grown up... *shakes fist*
(, Tue 26 Aug 2008, 23:17, closed)

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