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This is a question My most gullible moment

Someone once told me that gullible wasn't in the dictionary and I went, "yeah yeah ha ha" but when they were gone that didn't stop me checking. What was YOUR most gullible moment? Zero points for buying an icon on b3ta.

(, Thu 21 Aug 2008, 18:33)
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I was once on a routine missing persons search for the Empire, two droids that were believed to have absconded together. Well, it so happens we stopped a passing landspeeder with two droids in accompanied by boy and a kindly old gentleman.

Now these droids matched the descriptions perfectly so I asked the usual questions. You know, how long have you had them? Do you have any identification? Well, the old guy kinda waves his hand and tells me I don't need to see his identification, that they aren't the droids we're looking for and they can go about their business.

He seemed like such a genuine, gentle guy that I believed him and let them on their way. I don't know what the hand thing was about though.

So anyways, the next day guess what I find out. They WERE the droids we were looking for! Lord Vader was pissed. I got hauled up in front of a military tribunal and was found guilty of gross incompetence. I was thrown out of the army, my Imperial pension was refused and now I make my living exterminating womp rats.
(, Thu 28 Aug 2008, 7:57, 1 reply)
That's what happens when you are not a fully paid-up Union member
Your union rep could've sat in on the first meeting and tried to swing for a more pro-active approach; possibly more droid-identifying training seminars put into place. Plus I'm pretty sure you could sue; normally companies need to follow a disciplinary system which is both fair to the employer and the employee. Docking your pay or limiting the perks of the business are acceptable, whereas destroying your homeworld is pretty much a no-no.
(, Thu 28 Aug 2008, 8:22, closed)

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