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This is a question Home Science

Have you split the atom in your kitchen? Made your own fireworks? Fired a bacon rocket through your window?
We love home science experiments - tell us about your best, preferably with instructions.

Extra points for lost eyebrows / nasal hair / limbs

(, Thu 9 Aug 2012, 17:25)
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Matchheads with a little blu-tak fit perfectly into the back of a .177 air pellet, and make a lovely little bang when they hit a solid target.
They may, however, come out halfway up the barrel of your mate's rifle.

If this is the case, it's not advsiable to fire a few more to dislodge them, as this will simply clog the barrel with pellets and blu-tak, and he probably won't be best pleased on his return.

If this happens, it's probably best to offer to pay for it instead of claiming that it was his gun and thus his responsibility, as he will probably get upset, tell his dad, and you'll have to buy him a new one, which, at £100 a pop, might mean you're potentially brassic until your mid-30s.
(, Mon 13 Aug 2012, 17:08, 1 reply)
Or for much more fun...
Sellotape a candle to an aerosol can (WD40 works best), light candle, retreat 30-40ft, fire air rifle at can. BOOM! Homemade, remotely detonating napalm bombs.
(, Tue 14 Aug 2012, 14:10, closed)

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