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This is a question Housemates

Catch21 says "I go out of my way to make life hell for my shitty middle-class housemates who go running to the landlord every time I break wind". Weird housemates are the gift that keep on giving - tell us about yours.

(, Thu 26 Feb 2009, 13:28)
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I had an awesome flat.
Fucking huge and only £37.50 each a week including bills. This was in 2001 as well.

Above a fish and chip shop.

My flatmate was Pete, not the peteloaf but another friend of us both.

He had the best computer of the time and a great net connection so he ran a game server out of his bedroom. He worked in a bacon packing factory and apart from going to work he never left his chair.

My room was a amazing, there was an old on suite shower cubicle that I painted with black gloss and turned in to a media area with an at the time huge TV computers consoles the lot. Everything about my room was awesome and we had many parties and many good girly related times.

Pete ate fish and chips for every meal. We were above the chippy so he just had to walk downstairs. He moved the fridge in to his room so he wouldn't have to get up and go to the kitchen. If in a game he would piss in a bottle rather than get up. He would throw all this in the a black bag until it was full tie it up and throw it against the wall in his room.

When I finally couldn't stand the smell and the possible rodents I moved out.

The bags were floor to cealing against the wall all along the wall and about 5 or 6 bags deep.

After I left the moved back in with his dad. I expect he would have died of some horrible disease if he hadn't
(, Thu 26 Feb 2009, 13:53, 1 reply)
i remember seein that in the early stages
haggard bastard that he was.
we always knew though, deep down, that he was a wrong'un.
(, Sun 1 Mar 2009, 8:03, closed)

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