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This is a question Housemates From Hell III

I once had a flatmate who was so lazy he had a fungus growing in a cup in his bedroom - it was white and whispy so he nicknamed it "Albert". Tell us your tale of living with the disturbed, the odd, the fragile and the downright filthy.

(, Thu 12 Mar 2015, 17:40)
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I once shared a flat with a bloke who would change his socks once a fortnight....the stink filled the flat by day 13
(, Thu 12 Mar 2015, 17:46, 2 replies)
It took 13 days to stink?
Maybe you were all smelly.
(, Thu 12 Mar 2015, 21:32, closed)
Knew someone similar as a student
Though luckily I didn't live with him. We did go interrailing around Europe for a couple of weeks one holiday, though. I turned up with a backpack of clothes and stuff, as you do. He turned up in the clothes he was wearing plus one spare set of underwear in his coat pocket.

Dirty fucking bastard.
(, Fri 13 Mar 2015, 14:49, closed)

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