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This is a question Housemates from hell

What was your worst flat share experience? Tell us, for we want to know.

(, Thu 5 Apr 2007, 18:22)
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Caught wanking by sexy female flatmate over a picture of herself (Procuring it is another story indeed, let it be said it involved copius consumption of alcohol on the parts of fifty students, and an extreme case of peer pressure). It was terrible. I'd fancied her for ages, and she offered to help me. And as she walked towards me, sprawled on my bed, I came on her face. She wasn't pleased, and not only was I embarassed, but I missed out on ticking one of my, "To do before I die." boxes. :(

Click I like this if you want to see the picture.
Hell yes, I still have it.
(, Thu 5 Apr 2007, 18:34, Reply)

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