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This is a question Housemates from hell

What was your worst flat share experience? Tell us, for we want to know.

(, Thu 5 Apr 2007, 18:22)
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my previous housemates were a terrible
they;d lived together for years at one of em's mums's house before they decided to play grown ups, and get a really nice house in the decent part of town.
the rent was just shy of 900, so they decided to get an extra lodger.. me. Its at this point i should have refused, but having known them a few years, and one of them being a copper, i though "hell, it cant be that bad". oh how wrong i was.

The younger of the two, dan, had just turned 18, but had a penchant for 15 year olds. Fair play, its what he wants to do, but having all night parties with said kids til 4am, gettign them drunks and taking advantage, while im trying to get soem sleep for work is not a good thing. he did this far too regularly...

The older, who we shall call 'dave' to avoid any possible beatings, had less questionable tastes in women, instead choosing to sleep with his exes. equally, not so bad, but when, post-coitus, he ran down the corridor, past my room, into dans room, naked, and dived onto his bed, causing dan to scream "Urggghhhh, its still dripping", waking me up, did i have a problem.

Various other things were shit too, such as the them vs me attitude they had.
I'm rather houseproud, and cant stand dirty plates & cuttlery lying around, not so much for the tidyness, but because i don't like infestations. So, every day, i made sure the dishwasher was loaded, turned on, turned off and unloaded, as well as generally keeping the place tidy.

i asked one of them to bring in the laundry one evening as i was working late, i find it still out at 2am when i finally clocked off, with a 3 page note about how they dont do me favours, as i dont do them any.

the near final straw was when they brought dan's brother, and his dog, to stay unexpectedly for a week. they explained that his parents were being evicted, so i thought it fair, until i noticed the dog had a habit of scratching itself. alot.
my cries of "its a flea ridden mutt" were shot down, until i demonstrated said pests to the pair of em, and threatened to put it in a sack with a brick, and throw it in a river.

the final straw was when they told me the landlord was evicting us for 'various noise related incidents' and had 3 weeks to move out. when i phoned the landlord, he told me the truth, the fuckers had handed in the notice, and sworn that i'd agreed too.

i could go on, but my rage is peaking, and i need to go kill something to let it go.

funnily enough, i dont talk to them anymore, but i hear they moved back in with 'dave's mum, to be mollycoddled, and cleaned up after, while i moved to a flat 3 mins stagger from the pub
(, Thu 5 Apr 2007, 19:23, Reply)

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