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This is a question Pure Ignorance

What astonishingly stupid stuff have you overheard people saying? Tell us, and tell the world.

(, Thu 6 Jan 2005, 22:51)
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Cheese and Ham
I went into a sandwich shop the other week and asked for a cheese and ham toastie.

She (for it was her) : "We don't do them"
Me : "Well can I have a slice of toast with ham on it then?"
She : "Yes"
Me : "And can you do me a slice of toast with cheese on it?"
She : "Yes"
Me: "And can you put them both together in a sandwich like fashion plis?"
She : "OK".

On the subject of overheard at a party :

"What are you doing with that cheeseplant?"
"Oh, that, I'm trying to wear it like a fairly fashionable moustache".

So there we go
(, Mon 10 Jan 2005, 14:07, Reply)

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