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This is a question Pure Ignorance

What astonishingly stupid stuff have you overheard people saying? Tell us, and tell the world.

(, Thu 6 Jan 2005, 22:51)
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Oh yeah...
When I was 14, I went on a french exchange and bloody hated it. Mainly coz I couldn't speak French. One night I'd slept funny so I had a crick in my neck. I went into the kitchen in the morning, having psyched myself up to start the day with a frenchy friendly phrase. I announced 'J'ai un peu mal dans ma cou.' They fell about in helpless laughter. Except dad, who looked embarasseed. Apparently I'd pronounced it 'cul'.
Which means arse.
P.S. My now-boyfriend's french, but being aware of the dangers, I only speak french in impolite company. Fortunately, this includes most of his family :D
(, Thu 13 Jan 2005, 8:23, Reply)

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