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This is a question Irrational Fears

My mate Dan is afraid of turning his back on a flushing toilet. "It'll suck me in", he says. Can you beat him with your own true story of an irrational fear?

(, Tue 27 Jan 2004, 13:24)
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I had a very complicated fear as a child...
We had three bathrooms, one for each of the three floors. I was scared of going to the bathroom on the second floor because i though a huge lobster would be in it. (random, i know!)
anyways, i wasn't scared of the first floor toilet because i thought the lobster would want to go higher than that - and i wasn't scared of the third floor toilet because i didn't think the lobster could get that high.

it was all based on fiction really. but i'm still scared of that damn lobster.
(, Tue 27 Jan 2004, 20:51, Reply)

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