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This is a question Job Interviews

If it's not the "where do you see yourself in five years time" question, it's the trick questions they throw at you to make them feel superior. Tell us about your worst job interview and the most unsuited candidates you've seen. BTW: Please don't use the question board to send messages to each other. It makes the whole thing unreadable for everyone else.

(, Thu 20 Jan 2005, 9:51)
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Introducing The Big World Of Business...
...or, my very first interview after leaving school, which was at the building firm Taylor Woodrow.

Unfortunately I must have caught the interviewer on a very bad day.

I was nervous and a bit intimidated by the whole thing, but still feeling keen and optimistic. I was called into an office where I introduced myself, the reply to this from the interviewer was: (in a very loud voice) "WHAT IS TWENTYSEVEN TIMES FIFTEEN?"

Me - instant panic, causing me to forget practically everything except my first name - after which the interviewer proceeded to rip me apart for not being able to think quickly when presented with a problem.

After about ten minutes of continuous abuse I finally jumped up and shouted: "YOU'RE A WANKER!" before legging it out of his office and the building. Funny enough I didn't get the job.

Still, after my first interview nothing else ever seemed difficult. (but he WAS a wanker!)
(, Mon 24 Jan 2005, 14:06, Reply)

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