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This is a question Job Interviews

If it's not the "where do you see yourself in five years time" question, it's the trick questions they throw at you to make them feel superior. Tell us about your worst job interview and the most unsuited candidates you've seen. BTW: Please don't use the question board to send messages to each other. It makes the whole thing unreadable for everyone else.

(, Thu 20 Jan 2005, 9:51)
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Recently we were interviewing for a position at our company and the interviewee's second name was a golfing reference (par), now we had this a week before with someone called pie and so two of the people going to interview him decided they would get as many golf references in to the conversation as possible. The thing was they were playing against each other with a third 'moderating' and taking scores.

Things were even (about 7 all) until right as they were leaving A won by pulling out the old I'm a bit GREEN today as I was out on the piss last night and I've got those massive solid BOGEYS that you get after a night on the beers thus clinching the competition in the dying seconds

The guy in question was told about the competition when we phoned him about coming back to meet some more people in the company and sprayed his coffee over his computer while trying not to laugh and so we hired him.
(, Mon 24 Jan 2005, 17:01, Reply)

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