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This is a question "Needless to say, I had the last laugh"

Celebrity autobiographies are filled to the brim with self-righteous tales of smug oneupmanship. So, forget you had any shame, grab a coffee and a croissant, and tell us your smug tales of when you got one over somebody.

Thanks to Ring of Fire for the suggestion

(, Thu 3 Feb 2011, 12:55)
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Neanderthal versus Door
Compared to some of the last laugh stories on here, this is pretty lame.
But true and all i can offer.
While working at a drop in centre for the unemployed, you sometimes had to deal with some unsavoury types who walked in through the door.
One afternoon 3 men wandered in and were disruptive from the first moment.
The obvious leader, a big flat headed fellow with arms the size of my thighs took great delight in belittling everyone, knocking over peoples cups of tea and generally being a right pain in the arse, making lewd comments to the women and bigging himself up in front of his fawning cronies.
It being lunchtime and the other 2 supervisors being out , it was up to me to ask them to leave.
Of course he kicked off, stood by the door calling me all the names under the sun.
Puffing himself up and looming over me , he sneered
'Yeah what you going to do about it woman?'
I pointed to the door and he just laughed, until behind me appeared a small group of guys who had wandered in from the back workshop to see what the hassle was.
Feeling safe with the silent backup behind me I pointed to the door again.
He scowled and with a parting sarcastic comment pushed at the door.
Nothing happened, he pushed again, the door didnt budge
I heard a snigger behind me.
He let loose a tirade at us for locking him in, while the other 2 men looked a bit embarrased.
Then he grabbed the door handle again and began yelling and swearing as he pushed and pushed,
Keeping as straight a face as I could ,I walked over, swatted his hand away, took hold of the door handle and pulled it towards me, the door opened.
With another sickly smile I bowed and gestured him and his mates out.
They left to much whooping and catcalls at him being such a dumbass
We fell about laughing

Although i do admit to checking my back when I left late work for a several weeks after
(, Wed 9 Feb 2011, 1:23, 4 replies)
Hehehehe made me think of this www.youtube.com/watch?v=kVcc6kaNanE
(, Wed 9 Feb 2011, 2:43, closed)
lovely :)
and thanks
(, Thu 10 Feb 2011, 1:00, closed)
(, Wed 9 Feb 2011, 16:21, closed)
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