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This is a question Why I was late

"On the way to the station, I got hit by a bat, it almost took my head clean off. Then the machine would not accept my ticket and the guy at the gate didn't think I looked like the photo on my travel card. So I had to go home and get my passport.

Then the train was 45 minutes late to the station because of the dangerous badger threat at Carpenters Park.

When I was on the train it took and hour and a half to get past the biscuit factory because the driver was really fat.

Then there was a delay stopping at the station because the train in front had heard we were coming and decided to play a practical joke with a rubber shoe on the track.

That is why I couldn't get here on time today."

What's your best excuse?

(, Thu 28 Jun 2007, 10:36)
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Not an excuse per se
But last Monday, the 18th of June, I was a bit late to work. It was pretty bog standard, I'd overslept by 20 minutes and now I was going to be 7 minutes late, or thereabouts. Now my commute is about 25 miles, I work in the very centre of Bristol, so I commute by motorbike - a Yamaha Thundercat to be precise.

I was about 3 minutes from my work place and I realised I was going to be a bit late. I hate being late, I just don't like walking in and knowing I don't have a decent reason to be, I'm just lazy. I got a bit angry with myself as I thought this and I was at this moment filtering up to a pedestrian crossing. In a bit of a hurry and a bit angry to boot, I pulled away fairly fast from the lights when they turned green.

Mistake. Mr BMW was clearly also late and didn't indicate to turn across me. I hit his left headlight at an estimated 40mph, though my speedo is broken. According to a witness I did 3 midair flips, the last thing I saw of my bike was a massive cloud of steam as the radiator exploded, and then I settled in to my injury - compound fracture of the elbow in 22 places. Totally shattered.

So while I'm lying there and people start to come and look after me, a nice guy from a van I filtered past asks if he can call anyone. Most of my words are expletives at this point, as my elbow is shattered and dislocated, but I'm so full of adrenalin I stop moaning and say 'phone my boss, 0117 etc, tell him why I'm not there.' Then I burst out laughing. I had a good excuse for being late.

That's the relevant part over with-the unrelevant bit is the paramedics arrived, shot me up with morphine (useless), cut all my clothes off, relocated my arm on the road (most painful experience of my life), then I spent 7 hours in surgery, 12 pins, 9 plates. 5 days later I'm discharged. Still got to wear a cast for another 2 weeks.

If you've ever experienced the horror of Itchy Cast, click 'I like this'.
(, Sat 30 Jun 2007, 17:04, Reply)

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