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This is a question Lead Balloon

Have you tried to be funny and failed horribly? Yeah, join the club. Or have you witnessed someone crash and burn by either being plain unfunny or offensively unfunny? Tell us your stories of sense of humour failure

Thanks to the charmingly named Reginald Donkeyfuck (not related to the Cheshire branch of the Donkeyfuck family, one presumes)

(, Thu 22 Aug 2013, 12:40)
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Up the pass!
I still cringe when I think about this, yet at the time I was completely oblivious.

Living as a backpacker in Sydney at the time I'd made various friends from casual employment and was invited along to a birthday party at a local bar. I was introduced to various people I'd not met before by the host and left chatting with a couple of fellas.

I'd recently starting working at a hire car company so conversation drifted into that topic and they told me about how they'd recently written off a hire car while on holiday.

Apparantly they'd been collecting the car, a 4x4 jeep, and the sales person had asked about the level of insurance cover they wanted as they'd opted for the basic minimum. When they questioned it they were told "Well with this one, if you crashed it then you've just bought a wrecked jeep". So they decided to err on the side of caution and went for something a little more comprehensive.

Luckily for them that they did as apparantly less than an hour later they ventured off road and were motoring along an unsurfaced track, lost control and rolled the jeep into the ditch.

One of the guys described to me "The eeriest thing was one second you have all the noise and the next there was silence except the CD was still playing"....

I dunno why, not for the life of me can I think how it may have been relevant, but I asked what they had been listening to. They looked at one another and said they thought it was a Kylie CD or something. Anyway, my mouth opened and I said "Oh that's ok then, imagine if it had been something dodgy like the village people.... That may have looked a bit odd if someone came along and found you with that playing.... you know, 2 blokes alone in the middle of nowhere.... might have been a bit suspicious..." - Nope, not even a glimmer of humour, maybe it was because I was totally oblivious to any possible signs before me.

The two chaps went to get a drink and my friendly host came over, "They're a lovely couple arn't they?".

Turns out I'd just made a joke about not wanting to be mistaken for a "couple of queers", to a gay couple.
(, Thu 22 Aug 2013, 15:09, Reply)

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