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This is a question Lead Balloon

Have you tried to be funny and failed horribly? Yeah, join the club. Or have you witnessed someone crash and burn by either being plain unfunny or offensively unfunny? Tell us your stories of sense of humour failure

Thanks to the charmingly named Reginald Donkeyfuck (not related to the Cheshire branch of the Donkeyfuck family, one presumes)

(, Thu 22 Aug 2013, 12:40)
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Oh dear
I'm the manager at a shop with a team of about 30 employees. My regional manager was in my store doing a scored store audit where he checks my tills, cash flow, sales, budgets, merchandising, shrinkage etc. All of this is recorded on a standardised form for all of the company. I get a score and a pat on the back or a kicking.

One of the things tasks he has to perform to fill out the sheet is to speak to a member of my team and ask them how they are, how is morale and is there anything they would change. He wanders into the back of house where two of my staff members are. One is a pretty young girl and the other is a big black bloke. He proceeds to ask the girl his questions.

He comes to the question
"is there anything you would change?"
Before she can answer my assistant manager appears at the door, points at the black bloke and blurts out;
"I Know what he would change, He would be a white man if he could Ha Ha Ha"

*massively awkward silence*

When he was challenged about what on earth possessed him to say such a thing he set off on an awkward attempted arse covering rant about Michael Jackson.

He was fired the following week.
(, Wed 28 Aug 2013, 18:15, Reply)

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