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This is a question Lies Your Parents Told You

I once overheard a neighbour use the phrase "nig nog". I asked my father what it meant. As quick as a flash he said, "It's a type of biscuit. A bit like a hobnob." Can you beat this? BTW: We're keeping this thread open for an extra week as we're enjoying the stories so much.

(, Wed 14 Jan 2004, 13:29)
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That the tree I was sawing....
...a branch off for my Father wouldn't catapult backwards when the branch was severed and send me flying backwards through the air. It did.

Though, the best I ever heard was a friend of mine who was born in Africa......

He had an older brother who lived in Africa with the parents. They also had a pet monkey. Now, there were a great many family pictures prior to my friend's birth that featured his Mother, Father, Brother and the monkey. His parents told him that the monkey in the pictures was him and they started shaving him because they were embarrassed by him monkey body hair. He believed this till he was 14. He is a ratehr disturbed man these days.
(, Wed 14 Jan 2004, 13:46, Reply)

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