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This is a question Lies Your Parents Told You

I once overheard a neighbour use the phrase "nig nog". I asked my father what it meant. As quick as a flash he said, "It's a type of biscuit. A bit like a hobnob." Can you beat this? BTW: We're keeping this thread open for an extra week as we're enjoying the stories so much.

(, Wed 14 Jan 2004, 13:29)
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Bad Vibes
When I was about 12 I asked my Dad if he had any spare AA batteries that I could use for my walkman 'cos I couldn't find any.

He said yes, and I followed him upstairs to get the batteries.

he went digging into the top drawer of the bedside cabinet and unscrewed the green end of this predominantly orange ribbed thing.

"what's that dad?" i asked

"It's a joke carrot a friend gave me" he said, passing me the batteries.

a year later I needed some more batteries, and as my folks were out I thought I would go to the "battery drawer".

there were six vibrators and a pot of delay cream.

needless to say i shuddered, especially a few years later when my younger sister discovered the same....
(, Fri 16 Jan 2004, 1:48, closed)

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