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This is a question Lies Your Parents Told You

I once overheard a neighbour use the phrase "nig nog". I asked my father what it meant. As quick as a flash he said, "It's a type of biscuit. A bit like a hobnob." Can you beat this? BTW: We're keeping this thread open for an extra week as we're enjoying the stories so much.

(, Wed 14 Jan 2004, 13:29)
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Why people had 2.4 children
A little knowledge can be a bad thing. After they tried sex-education in junior school as an experiment when I was 11, I developed this theory about the purpose of testicles that superseded my previous theory (See my earlier thread "Boy Thoughts").

When a man put his penis inside a lady's belly - the end would come off inside her and join up with her egg.

The end would then be replaced by one of the 'spares' in the scrotum.

Hence two or three kids.
(, Tue 20 Jan 2004, 22:47, Reply)

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