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This is a question Local Nutters

Everywhere in the world has its fair share of deranged people. I grew up in Wolverhampton and remember the Polish tramp who lived in a tent on the roundabout. Legend had it that his coat was stuffed with cash. More recently I notice the guy who spends his day pushing a trolley round Camden Sainsburys shouting, "Best of luck!". Constantly. Tell us about your local nutters. Points for details. Extra points for photos.

(, Thu 16 Sep 2004, 11:54)
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There is a morbidly obese family down the street, use to be our neighbours, but we moved into a different house. Like I said, they're huge, and every other week they seem to get a new dog, but you only see 2 out in the backyard, one little dachshund that looks like a fucking hot dog wiener, the things so fat it can't even bark. and I have no idea about the second one, havent passed their house in ages. they've been living in that house as long as I was alive, And I still dont know what happened to all the other dogs. You'd think they'd be flying out the windows.

There was a crazy woman who lived in the house just left of the one I'm in now but one day, she dissapeared. But before that some little wankers snuck in our back yard and broke down the lady's wooden fence, leaving only our metal fence. She wasn't please at all, so she called the police, Guess who got blamed! Me of course. I talked my way out of it (i'm like that) and got off with a warning. This lady owned a dog that looked like a miniature bear, but when the people across the street's dog saw it, it fucking lost its marbles and hopped the fence, attacking the beardog. About killed it too!
(, Mon 20 Sep 2004, 5:40, Reply)

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