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This is a question When I met the parents

When my g/f first met my parents for lunch, my Dad leant over and ate food off her plate. My mother was mortified, I was a bit confused, she thought it was wonderfull and that she'd been accepted.

We at B3ta are sure you've had worse than this though... tell us all about it.

(, Thu 19 May 2005, 13:27)
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A friend this time
My friend's just got his first g/f...awww. But if they break up he's probably not going to want another one....

Before even meeting her family he was told her brother would castrate him/break his legs and her dad would never like him...

At least there was mum right? Nope...she'd gone to the phillapines for 3 months, back to where she was ordered from...i kid you not, some stereotypes exist cos they're true...

Anywho, eventually (when brother is away) he goes to her house, greeted by a heavy drinker who says "urgh"...at least he didn't hit him...except the second time her met him he went to open the door and the handle broke off, not his fault i'm told, but try telling that to a guy who already hates him for no reason and is screaming "Well, its bollocked!!!" The third time he talks to him is when him and his girl are going to cornwall to look at falmouth uni...the dad finds out they're staying in the same room (but seperate beds - first g/f remember) and demands they spend an extra £70 for another room or they can't go...

Dad and brother both still hate him, but mums back (although no-one was sure if she would) and she's ok with him, she maintains that her husbands behaviour is "just his way"...

When she met his parents it wasn't any better. His family are quite reserved all be it embarrasing. But his girl friend likes telling brother-likes-porn-but-doesn't-lock-the-door stories...and incontinence related anecdotes, the best being - while everyone was sat round the dinner table "hehe...so this one time me and mum were in the local shopping centre and she was wearing white trousers..."
(, Sat 21 May 2005, 23:49, Reply)

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