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This is a question When I met the parents

When my g/f first met my parents for lunch, my Dad leant over and ate food off her plate. My mother was mortified, I was a bit confused, she thought it was wonderfull and that she'd been accepted.

We at B3ta are sure you've had worse than this though... tell us all about it.

(, Thu 19 May 2005, 13:27)
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Not me, but...
...my parents meeting my brother's girlfriend's parents.

Lil bro had been drooling all over the lovely lass for several months, and she'd been to my parents quite a few times. Things are starting to get serious, so my Mum invites her parents over for sunday dinner.

My mum is a fantastic cook, and very considerate, so she asked if there was anything that the parents didn't like to eat. The lass replied in the negative, and agreed to pass on the invite to her own mum 'n' dad.

The day of the meal, my mum having been preparing dish after delicious dish all weekend, my dad calls up the parents to check everything is still on, directions to the house etc. All seems to be fine. As a parting shot, he asks again if there is anything they don't eat.

"Well, Ruth's mum is celiac."

For those that don't know, that's a gluton-intolerant food allergy. Can you imagine how many things have gluton in them?

Cue much panic.

Ah, it was fun in the end, and there were plenty of leftovers. Turns out her family is as mad as mine.

Wedding is this autumn :o)

F x
(, Mon 23 May 2005, 16:11, Reply)

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