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This is a question Messing with the Dark Side

We all like to tell stories about the *spooky* things that happen when people mess around with Ouija boards, hexes and spells.
A friend had wierd banging noises in his house for months and was deeply, deeply worried that it was the result of getting drunk and attempting to summon the devil.*

What's scared the crud out of you after you've played with the dark side?

* it turned out to be a tramp living in his attic (no, really). Also, -5 points for rubbish Star Wars jokes

(, Thu 20 Apr 2006, 11:58)
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School field trip 1994
at the start of the 1993 September Term we had a new boy join our School having been expelled from the other local school for shooting a teacher with a bb gun.
Carter was/is a legend he was funny, hard as nails but an all round nice bloke.
He ended up going out with the most good looking Girl in our year and one thing led to another and teenage hormones took over and they ended up shagging.
Being horny 14 year old safe sex didnt always make the grade and in the end he hit her with the breeding pole.
Now nobody was supposed to know this but carter confided in a "friend" that his girlfriends parents made her have a hush hush abortion, what with her being so young and all.
Carter was/is against abortions and it really troubled him that "his child" was "killed".

Fast forward six months and we were all on a Geography field trip looking at stones and shit in deepest darkest Wales.
One night in the boys dorm a Ouija Board was drawn up and "somehow" (so carters so called mate) the pointer was "drawn" (pushed) towards Carter and then spelled out


He burst out crying and ran out of the room.
Sick joke? oh yes
Funny? Oh yes
Dead Baby ghost? no sorry
(, Thu 20 Apr 2006, 13:20, Reply)

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