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This is a question Mini Cabs From Hell

We've all taken a dodgy cab in our time. One guy asked me to give him a back-rub in exchange for letting me off the fare. I was like, "here's the cash mate." Another chappy claimed to be Paddy Patel - a child actor from UK TV series Tuckers Luck - he drove like a speed freak and regaled me with stories that "playing a black Irish boy. England wasn't ready for it." So go on - tell us your worst and we'll tell the world.

[edit: for those confused by the term mini-cab, London has two sorts of taxis: highly regulated, licensed and salt-of-the-earth black cabs that you see in films and a whole bunch of unlicensed, uninsured, random cars driven by nutters who aren't supposed to pick up from the street (you have to phone for them). They are universally rubbish]

(, Wed 26 May 2004, 21:44)
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a cold summers night in Nottingham & i was very intoxicated so decided to return to my friends place i caught the taxi alone and gave my address, which was only 3 miles away from the centre ...so THREE HOURS later i get to my mates cos the frikin taxi driver didnt know the area ,was new to the job,new to England and the British Language we even stopped on a motorway out of the city to ring up his base ,,,,Grrrrr AHHHHGGG then the fuckwit locked the doors when i got there and tried to charge me £50 i had to call the police to get me out, cos i'd be fucked if i was paying at AT ALL....
The End
(, Wed 26 May 2004, 22:03, Reply)

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