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This is a question Mini Cabs From Hell

We've all taken a dodgy cab in our time. One guy asked me to give him a back-rub in exchange for letting me off the fare. I was like, "here's the cash mate." Another chappy claimed to be Paddy Patel - a child actor from UK TV series Tuckers Luck - he drove like a speed freak and regaled me with stories that "playing a black Irish boy. England wasn't ready for it." So go on - tell us your worst and we'll tell the world.

[edit: for those confused by the term mini-cab, London has two sorts of taxis: highly regulated, licensed and salt-of-the-earth black cabs that you see in films and a whole bunch of unlicensed, uninsured, random cars driven by nutters who aren't supposed to pick up from the street (you have to phone for them). They are universally rubbish]

(, Wed 26 May 2004, 21:44)
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on the way home from town after playing a gig:
We had to do three dropoffs from Liverpool back to Huyton (6 miles from the city). The first was in a shopping area about ten minutes from the city centre, about a mile or two out, and the driver took about half an hour to get there, racking up around 8 quid or so on the machine. He then proceeded to drive round for approximately 15 minutes looking for this girl's house. He didn't know the area and was probably fucking deaf as well (or a bloody chancer) because he kept asking us where to go and we kept shouting "WE'RE RIGHT OUTSIDE!!"

Following that, we took another ten minutes to escape the housing estate maze that we'd gotten into in the first place, and got back onto the motorway. We had to yell at him to take the first slip road, and then when we told him he'd need to turn left here please, he just carried straight on, then said "Whoops!" and carried on driving, with a grin on his face. When we eventually got to MY dropoff point, after I shouted around four or five times, "JUST ON THE LKFT HERE, TA.", he then proceeded to stop nearly five minutes' walk from where I'd asked him to stop originally.

No idea how the rest of the trip went, but suffice to say it took almost three times as long as it normally takes, and probably cost as much as well. And so we've never gotten a black cab again, bloody bastards.
(, Wed 26 May 2004, 22:16, Reply)

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