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This is a question Missing body parts

Now there are some bits of your body you don't mind losing - my dad's just got rid of a kidney stone, my own tonsils once tried to asphyxiate me, and nobody wants warts.

Other bits are more useful - a family friend recently lost an arm... which would be OK if his job wasn't managing dis-armament talks.

What have you lost, and where did you leave it?

(, Thu 1 Jun 2006, 18:22)
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Kersal Missive, Emvee
Yes, I actually forgot the most embarassing form of surgery Ive ever had. Pilonidal sinus (commonly called Jeep Drivers bum syndrome - bouncing aroung and being sweaty), I'm an hairy man but not an chubby man.

I avoided the 'packing' option and just got a bit cut out and sewn up - not wonderfully well... have a little nobbly scar.

Yes, arse surgery.
Beware all ye who titter though. My mate took delight in telling everyone I had an anal absyss (including my boss haha) when it was at the top of the crack . Then went and had a massive shit after a couple of days eating crap and drinking at Reading Festival one year and tore his browneye.
Ha! Someone had to have his arse burnt closed again.
(, Fri 2 Jun 2006, 2:17, Reply)

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