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This is a question Missing body parts

Now there are some bits of your body you don't mind losing - my dad's just got rid of a kidney stone, my own tonsils once tried to asphyxiate me, and nobody wants warts.

Other bits are more useful - a family friend recently lost an arm... which would be OK if his job wasn't managing dis-armament talks.

What have you lost, and where did you leave it?

(, Thu 1 Jun 2006, 18:22)
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Explosives are dangerous kids.
Not me, my brother again.

First and second degree burns from playing with gunpowder. Also the loss of all facial hair and a Brother Cadfeal haircut.
Result? He had a very startled expression on his face until all the hair grew back, similar to Beaker of the Muppets.
His hair did grow back, which was unfortunate, since he's ginger.

I went to see him in hospital and nearly pissed myself laughing.

Length/girth? Enough to keep me happy.
(, Sun 4 Jun 2006, 17:36, Reply)

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