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This is a question Misunderstood

My other half rang a courier today to get a disc sent over to a client. The courier company asked what it was she was sending. "A computer disc", she said.

Half an hour later, 3 blokes in a van turned up. They looked a little disappointed to be handed a floppy disc: they were all prepared to shift a computer desk across London.

Have you been utterly misunderstood recently?

(, Thu 6 Oct 2005, 23:06)
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Not my story, but...
My husband was once told by a pastor he knew about a trip he took to Mexico. The pastor was preaching one night in a village full of fishermen, and he was trying to tell the congregation that "the wages of sin"--pecado in Spanish--"is death". Problem is, instead of pecado, he used pescado, "fish". Then, meaning to ask if there were any sinners--pecadores--he proceeded to call all the pescadores--fishermen--to repent and give up their evil ways, to turn from fishing, etc. The church was filled with a bunch of confused guys, convinced that this pastor was telling them that God would strike them down for being fishermen. Eventually, the mistake was found out, and last my husband heard, these guys were still teasing the pastor about it.
(, Tue 11 Oct 2005, 4:19, Reply)

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