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This is a question Modern Life

Modern life is Rubbish, suggested Damian Allbran of Pulp
He might have had a point. What was better about the good old days, or conversely do you believe the modern world to be the zenith of civilisation?

(, Fri 17 Jul 2015, 10:46)
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I remember when I first saw a trimmed one
It was quite the revelation, the ladies I'd known before had all got the 'full Judith'.
(, Fri 17 Jul 2015, 16:16, 1 reply)
Is the 'full Judith' a Life of Brian reference?
I think that was the first one I ever set eyes on.
(, Fri 17 Jul 2015, 17:45, closed)
Her modesty was upheld by the shag-pile carpet on her mott
(, Fri 17 Jul 2015, 17:52, closed)

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