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This is a question MTFU

When have you had to be brave when all you've wanted to do was weep like a blubber-titted bitch?
Tell us so we can judge you.

via Smash Monkey

(, Thu 1 Aug 2013, 17:36)
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"diesel which has non-toxic exhaust fumes"
I think you mean less noticeably toxic. NOx have a funny habit of being absorbed into the mucus membrane in your lungs, hydrolising into nitric acid and then giving you either bronchitis and bronchiolitis for at least a month or death, depending on the concentration of the gas. The best bit is that it usually takes between 3 and 24 hours for the symptoms to fully emerge. On the up side it only takes 4 days to find out if you'll die from it; nobody with a fatal exposure lasts longer than that (according to clinical case studies) and they're all comatose on mechanical ventilation by day 2.
(, Wed 7 Aug 2013, 13:35, Reply)

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