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This is a question My Collection

Do you have display cabinets full of stuff? With it all neatly labelled, cross-referenced and entered into a database. Have you been to a convention? Do other collectors look up to you in awe?

I thought I was above this one. I'm not that autistically geeky that I have a Collection with a capital C. But no, I remembered I'm hoarding away every version of "Inside Macintosh" ever published.

What do you collect? And why? I mean, what makes you do it?

(, Thu 11 Jan 2007, 16:52)
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I'll be honest.....
... as this question fails to involve driving tests, shit, shagging, being accidentally arrested, icecream vans or a gory and stomach-churning story... I'll not be making such an effort.

I am an engineer, heading up a group of lesser -engineers, designing stuff for a big company that makes big stuff. (Wow... my abilities to describe things with such vivid pictorial accuracy surprises me on monday mornings)

Despite spending most of my days clicking away behind a large screen, and drooling over nicely machined lumps of 7005 Aluminium, I have other hobbies in life. Some involve geekyness, many involve Adrenaline/Endorphines, and many involve sex.

Much like the Elves in the story of the cobbler , After working hours I scurry into our workshop - *end elf analogy* - select bars of scrap steel and aluminium, and set about crafting them into pleasing shapes. There is a magic period during the machining process where the shapes transform from *possibly something work-related* to undeniably *Sex-Toy*. I then spend up to 4 hours per toy meticulously polishing them into a beautiful shine.

These toys are either tailor made for friends (solid buttplugs need to be made to measure) or left in my collection.


This is the tip of the iceberg. So far I have made around 20 toys... and 8 I still poses... Others have been given away, or kept by lasses that loved them.

Apologies for length... Just ask, and I'll make them shorter ;o)

P.S... unlike the cobbler's elves, I don't leave them neatly laid out on the workshop bench for people to happily discover!
(, Mon 15 Jan 2007, 9:11, Reply)

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