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This is a question My first experience of porn

So there I am, aged 11, crawling through the woods with the Scouts when we come upon a big pile of magazines stuck into a tree. Risking losing the game by being seen, we stand up to knock them down.

They flutter down in a big heap - and behold, they are full of nudey ladies!

Crawling through the woods suddenly lost its appeal...

What was your first experience of porn?

(, Thu 25 Jan 2007, 15:29)
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The FBI will be round in a minute...
Going through adolesence as the computer age took hold was an ideal opportunity to enter the world of erotic imagery, especially as me and most of my mates were much more computer literate than our parents, meaning we could easily hide our e-stashes deep within the family PC without it ever been found. However, a friend of mine didn't get a PC at home until he was in his early twenties, but either way decided he'd like to sample the best a 56k pipe could serve up when his parents popped out for the day.

The story goes that he opened Google, typed 'sex' into the search bar and pressed Return, only to wimp out milliseconds later and unplug the PC at the socket.

Skip forward a few days and his parents found what he'd done through good old AutoComplete. He had no choice but to own up and nervously laughed it off, but his Dad became genuinely concerned that the FBI (not Scotland Yard or MI5, the FBI) would be knocking on the door of their South Yorkshire home imminently to discuss the householder's recent web acivity. To this day the PC has never been used again...
(, Tue 30 Jan 2007, 13:01, Reply)

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