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This is a question Neighbours

I used to live next door to a pair of elderly naturists, only finding out about their hobby when they bade me a cheerful, saggy 'Hello' while I was 25 feet up a ladder repairing the chimney. Luckily, a bush broke my fall, but the memory of a fat, naked man in an ill-fitting wig will live with me forever.

(, Thu 1 Oct 2009, 12:41)
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Summer Loving
There were a few of us at my mates house, and as it was a hot summers night, we had his patio doors open, whilst we sat in the kitchen enjoying a few beers and cigarettes.

The conversation was flowing, when over the top of our ramblings, we heard the easily recognisable sounds of two people rutting vigorously. Peering into the garden, we saw the house backing onto ours had a solitary bedroom light on, and the window was wide open. We all fell silent, and sat and listened as the two lovers built up into a simultaneous climax, with the woman screaming, "Yes Mark! Harder Mark! Harder Mark!"

As Mark spilt his creamy load, letting out a groan of pleasure, an eerie silence fell - I imagine that the rather vocal pair had collapsed, exhausted onto their bed. After 30 seconds or so,we heard another neighbour, who to this day remains anonymous, start a slow hand clap, interspersed with shouts of "Well done Mark, good performance son!"

It was enough to send us into fits of laughter and was only topped when the bedroom window of the lovers was slammed shut.
(, Wed 7 Oct 2009, 12:43, 1 reply)
A clap for Mark (or should that be 'the')
and a click for you. Cheers
(, Wed 7 Oct 2009, 12:52, closed)

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