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This is a question I should have been arrested

Faced with The Law when I and a bunch of equally idiotic mates set off a load of loud explosions down the local chalk pit, we blamed bigger boys who had run off. Tell us of the times when you got away with something naughty and slightly out of order.

Thanks to MatJ for the suggestion

(, Thu 26 Jan 2012, 13:36)
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I should have been arrested
I was a bit of a pyro as a child and liked playing with matches in a field behind some local businesses. One afternoon, after exhausting my stash of matches, I wandered off up the road a bit. After a few minutes, I heard sirens, and then watched the fire trucks scream by me, heading in the direction of I had just come. I walked back and found the local firemen putting out a small brush fire where I had just been "playing". I overheard one of the bystanders say "It's a lucky thing some one spotted the fire before it got to the tanks". It was at that moment that I realized that those big, hulking things were gasoline (petrol) storage tanks, and that I had been lighting fires behind one of our local fuel and heating oil companies. At that moment, one of the firemen approached me and asked if I knew anything about the fire or who may have set it. Trying desperately not to burst into tears and praying I didn't look guilty, I stammered I thought I saw an older boy run away from the field just before the trucks arrived. He just looked at me and said "Ok, thanks". I never set another fire and for years couldn't hear a siren without jumping.
(, Sun 29 Jan 2012, 23:15, 3 replies)
Might I compliment you on your rehabilitation AND your record breaking lurking on B3ta.

(, Mon 30 Jan 2012, 3:31, closed)
And for claiming
"an older boy did it and ran away" and being believed.
(, Mon 30 Jan 2012, 13:53, closed)
Bloody hellfire!
That has to be a world record lurk. Are you sure you haven't just spent three years in prison for arson?
(, Mon 30 Jan 2012, 18:08, closed)

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