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This is a question I should have been arrested

Faced with The Law when I and a bunch of equally idiotic mates set off a load of loud explosions down the local chalk pit, we blamed bigger boys who had run off. Tell us of the times when you got away with something naughty and slightly out of order.

Thanks to MatJ for the suggestion

(, Thu 26 Jan 2012, 13:36)
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The Perfect Crime
At my very Catholic school, a sixth former pulled off what I still think is the perfect crime

We had a school newsletter that was just an outlet for those who wanted to study English at Uni, to write some lame articles about the Bring & Buy, or worse, a bio of a new teacher. I can't remember a single thing about it apart from this

Anyone remember the old Mayfair magazine? The fact that it was the British equivalent of Playboy and had the nerve to supply a generation of men with articles on steam tractors and vintage cars amazes me to this day (especially when the alternative for teenage top shelf browsing was Health & Efficiency). Anyway, there was a section in the middle of the magazine that was printed on dark brown paper (again, why?) that had dirty stories and had a cartoon section. Some of these were pornographic, but many were as innocent as MAD magazine

This sixth former (who was studying art A'Level, so maybe he did have a genuine use for Mayfair apart from wanking,, uhm, maybe not) volunteered to draw some 'humourous' cartoons for the school newsletter and proceeded to simply trace these cartoons. They were printed exactly as they had originally appeared in Mayfair

Can you believe the shock at his audacity on the playground? What happened to him? Absolutely nothing. He got away with it for four quarterly issues till he left upper-six. It was the perfect crime because of course no lay-teacher could bring the cartoons to the attention of the Catholic Brothers (who all dressed like Monks and presumably thought 'Mayfair' was a rich area somewhere near Knightsbridge) without revealing that the only reason they would know it the first place was if they were a reader

Ok, maybe he shouldn't have been arrested. Maybe a medal of some kind

Wish I had done it (but I was studying Maths)
(, Wed 1 Feb 2012, 10:43, 1 reply)
I see your problem.
I also studied mathematics and am therefore medically incapable of using tracing paper like you.
(, Wed 1 Feb 2012, 11:27, closed)

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