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This is a question Not Getting the Job

Muns asks - Did you blag your way through a job interview, only to be caught out? Is your photography portfolio full of other peoples work? Did your potential employers google your name, before offering you a lucrative contract and discover something from your past you would rather forget? How did you fail to get the job?

(, Thu 11 Jun 2015, 11:00)
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From an employer
We always had a policy of recruiting junior programmers rather than experienced ones, preferring to give people starting out in the industry a fair go. On the whole, it was a very successful. But we got some badly wrong.

The On Topic one I remember was a really nice lad who interviewed great, was super-convincing on a whole variety of topics, well presented, etc. Three days into the job, the guy training him told me they had reservations as there seemed to be big basic gaps in his knowledge (hadn't heard of ASCII, for example). I sat him down on the Friday morning to see how he thought it was going and, to his enduring credit, he fessed up that he'd blagged the interview, was massively out of his depth and had spoken to his old company and had got his previous job back.

We shook hands and I escorted him off the premises....

You need to find out shit like this in the first 14-days, otherwise you still have to pay the recruitment company their fees. Don't get me started on that jamboree of cunts.
(, Thu 11 Jun 2015, 12:08, closed)

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