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This is a question Oldies vs Computers

As someone who is "good with computers" I get a lot of calls from people who've got problems. Some of them even have problems with their computers.

Back many years ago working for a telecoms company, I was called to a senior secretary who "had put a disk into the drive and couldn't get it out". She had one of the first Mac II machines with two drive slots. But only one drive.

Opening up the case revealed stacks of floppy disks that she'd been posting through the hole in the case for weeks. She'd only decided there was a problem when her boss wanted one of them back...

(, Fri 22 Sep 2006, 13:58)
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I'm an IT Tutor. I used to work in a
community learning centre, where any old jobsworth could walk in and do a course. Mainly they were pensioners who were fed up of their 4 year old grandson showing them how to do things.

Tales that stick in the mind:

* The old boy who came in and sat in front of a workstation that had a monitor, but demonstrably no keyboard, mouse or tower, and then complained that it didn't work.

* The elderly lady who, when asked to print three copies, completely failed to delete the 1 from the Number of Copies box, and thus printed 31 copies of a 6 page document.

* Another elderly lady who turned to me, held up a small, two buttoned pointing device, and let forth the immortal cry, "Nick, me mole's not working."

Gawd blessem, every one.
(, Fri 22 Sep 2006, 15:58, Reply)

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