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This is a question Have you ever paid for sex?

Well, have you? BTW: No more, "No I haven't" and "You sad bastard" comments please. Let the people with stories to tell, tell their stories. Cheers.

(, Thu 19 Jan 2006, 12:23)
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A few years back
me, my brother & a friend went to an 'exotic bar' in Soho (London), mainly because the pubs had closed and we wanted a drink, but also to see what one looked like.

We went in and sat down. Next thing, this rather dubious-looking woman came over and sat down next to us with a tray, and took our drinks order (3 beers). She went and got the drinks, chatted for about 5 minutes, and wandered off again. Suddenly, for some reason (call it instinct), I got a bit suspicious at this point, and asked to look at the bill. It was as follows;

3 beers - £30
Hostess charge - £90

Total - £120

"Fuck ME!" I exclaimed, "there's no way I'm paying THAT! You've got to be fucking joking!".

Then, right on cue, 2 extremely large men came and sat with us, and calmly explained what would happen to us if we didn't. So we paid very quickly and left. £120 for 3 beers and a 5-minute chat with a lady who looked like Keith Richards. Holy shit.

Sorry - only very slightly linked to the original question.

Oh - and the answer's no.
(, Thu 19 Jan 2006, 16:10, Reply)

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