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This is a question Personal Hygiene

There comes a point at which your hygiene becomes less your problem and more everyone else's:

My old school nurse never seemed to wash - instead she wrapped herself in crepe bandages from the first aid kits. The smell was beyond pungent. If you got ill at school, it was better to suffer than try and explain symptoms whilst only breathing out.

When she was eventually 'let go',they had to strip the wallpaper in her office to get rid of the lingering odour.

How scuzzy have you got? Or, failing that, how bad have people you know got?

(, Thu 22 Mar 2007, 12:40)
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Cat Man
I used to have a regular thing with a guy who lived in a communal house in Berlin. He basically had the one tiny room in which was his bed, sofa bed, TV and his cat's litter tray.

This stank as cat litter trays tend to do and after a while I got used to its presence (which can't be said about the rotting cat food and cat milk in the kitty dish, but you can't have everything).

I went to visit him one evening and noticed he'd had a bit of a furniture move around. After opening up the sofa bed and getting dirty, we settled down to sleep. It was at this point I noticed the cat litter smell seemed to be stronger than normal.

It was only when I heard light footsteps on clay granules next to my ear and turned my head to see a moist cat turd slowly sliding from a fully relaxed feline arsehole inches from my face, I realised that he had put the tray right next to the sofabed.

I will never forget that raw meaty smell ever.

(, Sat 24 Mar 2007, 16:10, Reply)

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