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This is a question Personal Hygiene

There comes a point at which your hygiene becomes less your problem and more everyone else's:

My old school nurse never seemed to wash - instead she wrapped herself in crepe bandages from the first aid kits. The smell was beyond pungent. If you got ill at school, it was better to suffer than try and explain symptoms whilst only breathing out.

When she was eventually 'let go',they had to strip the wallpaper in her office to get rid of the lingering odour.

How scuzzy have you got? Or, failing that, how bad have people you know got?

(, Thu 22 Mar 2007, 12:40)
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I'm dodgy
I have eyebrow dandruff that I can't stop picking at. I can scratch and have a rain of dandruff but sometimes I pick at it and it comes off in large flaky scales. How large? I've had many of them be at least pea size across.

Nothing says sexy like having your lover pick off eyebrow dandruff after sex.

There's something deeply satisying about picking at my eyebrows at work and creating a little pile of eyebrow dandruff. Ahh.

Also, I lived for 5 years without running water. I stayed in a pikey mobile without much in services while I was going to school. It was cheap so thats why. One time, I had run out of money but that would be fixed the day after school started at UNI. It was summer and going through my clothes to pick out the least smelly fleece shorts was rough. Cue people saying whats that smell on the first day of class. Yeah. Got the clothes washed soon as I could which was the next day.
(, Sat 24 Mar 2007, 20:30, Reply)

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