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This is a question Petty Officials

Bob de Bilde says: A traffic warden threatened to call the police and have me arrested because "It's illegal to take photos in the street. You might be a paedophile". I was taking a picture of a funny street sign, over which I had no plans to masturbate. Tell us about petty officials talking bollocks.

(, Thu 27 Mar 2014, 15:05)
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Which reminds me
Heading home from the pub one evening we had a brief encounter with two idiots, whereby one deliberately barged into a friend of ours who had stopped to light a fag. They walked off down a side street laughing and after some muttering, we went on our way. A little further down the road we met a corrale/dither/target (I'm not sure of the collective noun) of PCSOs.

They asked us if we'd seen anyone walking along the street and so we told them what had happened with the two idiots and where they'd gone.

The shortest PCSO, a 5-foot-nothing dumpy fellow said, in earnest tones "You should have hit him."

After a moment of surprised silence from his colleagues and our party, one of the other PCSOs (seeming somewhat more experienced) advised us that this wasn't in fact recommended, that we did the right thing and should perhaps head home. She herded her (presumably new) recruits on to continue their beat without any further public incitement.
(, Fri 28 Mar 2014, 12:43, Reply)

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