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This is a question What's the hardest you've tried to get dumped?

Groovypoodle writes, "My mate once told his girlfriend that he didn't think it was working only for her to laugh and tell him he was hilarious. Saying she was 'too weird' and 'slightly violent' and that he didn't like her was equally hilarious. Ripping off her wing mirror, throwing it through the windscreen
and storming off in a huff merely generated an apology from her a week later..."

Just how hard have you had to work to get someone to take the hint and stay dumped?

(, Thu 5 Jun 2008, 10:33)
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Be sure to understand.....
That you were the victim of an abusive relationship. If you'd stayed there is a high chance that he would have killed you eventually.

The behaviour you have described is very typical of a person who can only feel emotion through control and violence.

I'm pleased you're away from it, this was never your fault, you did nothing wrong.

Please contact a helpline which helps people who have been victims of domestic violence. Some people who have suffered through it have their self-esteem damaged so much that they find it difficult to form normal relationships as they believe they deserve what they get/got with respect to violence and isolation.

This is NEVER true, no-one deserves to be treated this way.

If you are pro-active about what's happened, you will be able to spot the signs in potential partners and avoid it ever happening again, as well as developing your self-esteem back to it's normal level.

Please do message me if you want any advice, I used to work at a domestic violence helpline which helped women getting out of and coping with leaving violent relationships, I may be able to point you in the right direction with respect to the best place to get some support.

*much love*
(, Wed 11 Jun 2008, 14:40, Reply)

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