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This is a question Mad Stuff You've Done To Get Someone To Sleep With You

Alexxx says "We've all gone a little too far at one time or another to get a girl, or a guy, to sleep with us. I've a friend who spent close to a thousand pounds orchestrating a terrible day for a collegue, so he could comfort her and get in her knickers. Only to find out she had a boyfriend, who proposed in order to cheer her up."

So, how far have you gone?

(, Fri 13 Apr 2007, 9:01)
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lies. filthy stinking lies.
my lies. all of them!!

the following lies have all been on nights out in bars/clubs, therefore have all been pretty beleivable)

they include, "i cant stay out too late tonight, gotta dress up as santas elf tomorow and give the kids at the hospice their christmas presents. it costs us a fortune, but the smiles on their little faces, its worth it" (awwww, your so sweet, bouncybouncy)

i'm a survelianece operative for police/spy chain/fbi/mi6 whatever, thats all i can tell you about my job really. (garunteed shag)

i dont do one-night stands, i always end up getting hurt (this ones a right winner, as they will show you ON THE NIGHT that they wont use you,they hang around for more in the morning for fear of hurting you)

i run my own business

i love poetry, if i read it for half an hour a day i feel it makes me more relaxed

i know a lot about wine (difficult trying to act cultured when your clearly not)

and, i'm single. my biggest lie.

i'm going straight to hell....................
(, Sat 14 Apr 2007, 12:23, Reply)

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